Inside Airbnb’s Belfast boom: Holyland apartment charges £8k for week’s stay in July

The short-term rental market means landlords can charge thousands in peak season. By Gillian Halliday and Áine Toner

The Obel in Belfast city centre

Gillian Halliday and Áine Toner

Today at 08:00

The Holyland in south Belfast has attracted some negative media headlines in recent years, with anti-social behaviour of students prompting calls for the authorities to tackle the issue. But it’s also the area that is home to the highest listed price for a seven-day Airbnb stay in Belfast — a whopping £8,236 for an apartment.

The listing, located on University Road, boasts six bedrooms and four bathrooms and is priced at £1,177 per night during peak summer season, according to research carried out by

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